CSopedia - Resources for IB Computer Science

Welcome to CSopedia, a wiki that collects resources for the new IB Computer Science course (first teaching August 2012, first exams May 2014). The site includes non-official suggestions for resources that are useful for IB Computer Science teachers. All materials on this site fall under the Creative Commons Agreement. Teachers are free to use these materials in their classes and distribute copies to students and colleagues.

1328723550_Orb_POdcast.png Introductory Comments from the Chief Examiner

Using the Wiki

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This wiki is designed to be developed for teachers by teachers. It has no "official" IBO sanction. Nevertheless, the open exchange of teaching ideas will hopefully make our teaching efforts more productive.

This site is a work in progress and will continue in that status forever. New suggestions are always welcome (and needed at this point). Users can contribute suggestions in several ways:
  1. Post your suggestion(s) directly on one of the public pages. Public pages will be available in the near future.
  2. Post the suggested resource as a thread on the IB OCC.
  3. Click on the Discussion button,thumbtack.png(top right of page)
    add a comment and include the URL of the resource.

    (You may need to sign up for a Wikispaces account to do this.)
  4. Post your ideas/comments/questions or anything else on : http://csopen.wikispaces.com
  5. Send an eMail to : Dave_Mulkey@fis.edu

Members : You do not need to be a "member" to use the site or contribute suggestions. At this point, membership is confined to organizers as we are still developing the overall structure and format of the site and would like to maintain consistency and clarity. If you do wish to become a member and contribute directly to the organization of the site, contact Dave_Mulkey@fis.edu.