Computer organisation

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This topic is allocated 6 hours.

SL/HL Core

2.1 Computer organisation (6 hours)

Sub-topics include : Computer architecture, Secondary memory, Operating systems and application systems. Binary representation, Simple logic gates
Vocabulary includes : CPU, ALU, CU, memory address register, memory data register, primary memory, RAM, ROM,
cache memory, machine instruction cycle, data bus, address bus, persistent storage,
memory management, multitasking, word processor, spreadsheet, database management system,
email, browser, CAD, GUI components, toolbars, menus, dialogue boxes,
bit, byte, binary, denary/decimal, hexadecimal, data representation, integers, characters, colours,
Boolean operator, AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR, truth tables, logic gates
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Circuit Emulator
A straightforward circuit emulator for building circuits from logic gates

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Engineering Disasters #13
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