System fundamentals

Background information

This topic is allocated 20 hours.

SL/HL Core

1.1 Systems in organisations (10 hours)

Sub-topics include: Planning and system installation, User focus, System backup, Software deployment.
Vocabulary includes : change management, compatibility, legacy systems, remote host, software-as-a-service,
parallel running, direct-changeover, phased conversion, incompatibility, acceptance testing, debugging,
beta testing, user documentation, user training, data loss (malicious, natural disaster),
failover, redundancy, removable media, releases, updates, patches
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1.2 System design basics (10 hours)

Sub-topics include : Components of a computer system, system design and analysis, Human interwaction with the system.
Vocabulary includes : hardware, software, peripheral, network, resources, client, server, email server, router, firewall
stakeholder, system flowchart, data flow diagram, structure chart, design cycle, iteration,
end user, usability, digital devices, accessibility, user-interface
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